You May Be Pregnant

You May Be Pregnant

You May Be Pregnant!

Mary had an intimate relationship with Jesus because he was conceived in her by the Holy Spirit. How? It is a divine mystery. When she asked she was simply told that the Spirit would come upon (overtake) her and the power of God would overshadow (attack) her. What was she to make of that? At the end of the day she had a choice: trust or not. “Let it be to me as you have said.” She chose trust. Jesus lived and grew in her. It was her blood flowing through him. She was not an incubator. She felt him move inside her and in the fullness of time she gave birth. The Word became flesh!

God invites you and me to a relationship no less intimate. As a believer you have the same Spirit who conceived and filled Jesus in Mary’s womb living in you. If you’re discerning you can feel him move. As you trust and yield to the Spirit’s work day by day you will conceive ideas, ministry, word, insight and imaginings, creativity; waiting until the fullness of God’s time to be birthed through you. God wants his people living expectantly!

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