Winning Or Learning

It’s not whether you win or lose but…. You know the rest of it right? Do you buy that? C’mon, how you play the game is important but if you’re not committed to winning why play? Think about all the things we run through win/lose filters. Victories and losses. A lot of things get categorized that way. After a couple of disappointing years (losses) in the vineyard, this year looked like it was going to be the most fruitful yet (win). And then last week I went to someone else’s vineyard and saw what a vineyard really could look like. I was a bit deflated (loss). Now what? Do I learn from it and ‘up’ my game? No one wins all the time and winning really isn’t the point of life. Growth is the point. Growth in character, in faith, in love. In every loss God includes enough grace to get us through and enough grace to learn, if we will, life’s lessons. Throughout life we can have a win or learn attitude. For those with faith in Christ, who learn from our losses, the losses in life are light and temporary when compared with the win at the end.

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