I get a peaceful pleasure out of walking in the vineyard in the early morning. As I walk I find myself looking closely at each vine and even the individual branches. At this time of year it is especially enjoyable because the fruit is really maturing nicely. There isn’t much for me to do during this season. The vines just need to do what they were planted and nurtured to do. So really when I walk in the vineyard I’m not always there to ‘do’ something. Sometimes I’m just there to ‘be’. In a real, almost mysterious way, I am at peace, even if for a moment, just by being there in the vineyard I planted. I find that to be a metaphor for relationships whether human or divine. There is a time to ‘do’; a time to work and to invest, and a season to just be and to enjoy. Adam and Eve heard the sound of God in his garden and they hid from him. Their guilt caused them to assume that God must’ve come there to get them. What a tragic assumption! Would they have had to deal with their sin even if they hadn’t hid? Yes, but not in fear. Why do you think God came to the garden in the cool of the day? What are your assumptions about your relationship with the Vineyard Owner when he comes to you?

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