I know its only the first of March but I’ve already had to pull weeds in Mariposa Vineyard. Remember pull early pull often! All the vines are planted the soil is cultivated and the first application of fertilizer (commercial not compost) is down. The newer vines are even beginning to show leaves. There is still work to be done, some of the most strenuous work actually, securing the trellis system. In the case of Mariposa Vineyard the trellis system consists of 8ft. x 6in. treated posts secured 2ft. in the ground by 60lbs. of concrete spaced 20 ft. apart in rows 8ft. apart with a system of 9 gauge wire attached to heavy duty turnbuckles at each end. The vineyard now has 6 rows strung between 20 posts. This is really the backbone of the vineyard. The structure that provides support, direction and boundaries for the vines and keeps them out of the dirt where disease breeds and predators lurk. The more fruitful the vine, the stronger the trellis needs to be. Its accountability really. It takes work but every fruitful life needs it.

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