The Acid Test

Have you heard the TSA’s new slogan? ‘We handle more junk than E-bay.’ Not long ago I sat at the Orlando airport waiting on someone to arrive on a flight. I enjoyed watching a couple of dogs passing up and down the lines of people at security, sniffing for whatever they were trained to sniff out. I actually saw one guy pulled from the line. Wonder what the dog found? Its amazing, with all the means of searching, how much junk still gets through!

I continue to be concerned about the newest vines in the vineyard. They should be five feet long in both directions along the trellis but they’re not growing at all. They haven’t died; they’re just not growing. At all. Now there is a new concern. The loads of grapes on the two year old vines are not maturing and ripening. They’ve stalled. Something’s happening here. What is ain’t exactly clear but I’m going to find out. I took several soil samples to the ag. extension office to be tested; to see if they can sniff out the problem. There is visible evidence of an invisible problem and only the right testing will reveal it.

The shepherd king, David, knew that one key to a healthy life was submitting himself to testing by God. “Search me, O God, and test me.” The question is when the testing and searching reveal something, will I take the necessary steps to correct it?

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