Scattering Seed

I’m almost finished removing the remnant of what was destroyed by an invading disease in the vineyard this year. Already new growth is emerging on the vines that were cleaned two weeks ago. There is hope. I noticed something new this year. Little grapevines are springing up in the strangest places, places I never intentionally planted anything. But there they are, under the magnolia tree, in a flower pot, in the middle of a hedge or just out in the yard. Some obviously won’t survive being trampled under foot from our coming and going or the lack of adequate light. I can only guess at how they ended up where they are. Sometimes we don’t know when we’re scattering seed or where it may end up. But scatter we do. Who knows what growing seed I haven’t discovered yet, if ever. Today I’m mindful of a seed scatterer who  sowed in places he didn’t even know because he was always sowing. But I know. I’m grateful for seed he knowingly and intentionally planted  as well as seed he scattered without realizing. I pray that I am good soil. In loving memory of James B. Hatch, jr.  Seed sower. Dad.  April 14, 1926 – Sep 8, 2018

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