Rain On A Tin Roof

So Jesus, wearied as he was from his journey, was sitting beside the well. He ended up asking someone else – a Samaritan woman – to give him a drink. Was he so weary he couldn’t have gotten his own? So weary that he was willing to ask someone he normally wouldn’t associate with? Perhaps it was because, as the woman noticed, he had nothing to draw with. Life gets like that sometimes. Wearying. So much so that we may not have the resource to draw with or the strength to use it if we did.

The heat and drought have been wearying on the vines and everything else around the vineyard. There is a grand old magnolia tree next to the vineyard showing signs of weariness. Old trees like that don’t show it often. Over the years they develop the resource, roots deep and wide, to cope. At a time when the fragrant flower buds should be large and near opening, they are only half the size they should be. The leaves, which have already fallen once when the new ones pushed the old ones off, are turning yellow and dropping again. It tends to be the default for living things. When weariness reaches a certain level they unload; dropping things that may feel like a burden but are actually needed for health. Trees have to have leaves for photosynthesis to happen. Sunlight on the leaves stimulates  this stuff called chlorophyll in the leaves to produce carbohydrates – energy – for the life of the tree. I knew a woman once who was going through some very wearying times. I guess you could say she was feeling the heat. She came to see me to say that she felt she needed to stop teaching her Sunday school class because she just needed to take some things off her plate. I get that. But I knew that her class was the thing that was keeping her consistently and spiritually connected with the church and God. As I was afraid, after she stopped teaching, she disconnected and things didn’t get better, they worsened.

I came home last night weary from the journey of the last few days. I found myself wandering around the house in need of refreshing. My go to well was occupied by a demanding two year old drawing all she could. Maybe the NCAAW basketball championship would provide the needed refreshment? But alas my alma mater had come to the end of a Cinderella season. Then I heard it. A sound I haven’t heard in a long while: rain. I had seen the clouds building up in the distance earlier in the evening. I even tossed up a prayer to the sky: “C’mon rain. Please rain.” It was not a prayer uttered with much expectation. Yet here it was; rain. The best place at my house to take in rain is under the carport. It has a porch swing and a tin roof. A well was provided. I went there and sat, silent, drinking of its water. Life can be wearying. Especially when we wander from the Source of living water. But the offer of Scripture is that when we find ourselves weary we  can find times of refreshing in the Lord’s presence if we turn to him. (Acts 3:19) Today the dust is off my car, the resurrection fern is green in the trees and the vines are renewed. Many tiny blooms are starting to appear on the vines foreshadowing fruitful days ahead. All announced by the sound of rain on a tin roof.

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