Pull Early Pull Often

Of all the work necessary to maintain a healthy vineyard the thing I dislike most of all is weeding. Thing about weeds is you must get rid of them. Their existence competes for everything the vines need to be fruitful. A weed eater is counterproductive, tantamount to pruning, and only results in the weeds returning thicker than before. According to the parable weeds will eventually choke the life out of a good fruit bearing plant. The best approach is to pull early and pull often. The Amalekites were a particularly harsh people bent on the destruction of Israel. God ordered their complete annihilation at the hands of King Saul. This always seems un-God like to the western mind. We’re so civilized, right? Saul had a better idea and it not only cost him his kingdom but consigned Israel to a history of having to deal with this enemy. Like weeds they just kept popping up. Fear, shame, jealousy, disappointment, anger, rivalries, discontent, and things like these can choke the life out of us and, if left unchecked, bear fruit of their own – death. As Saul thought he could manage the Amalekites so we are prone to attempt to manage the things with which we’d rather not deal decisively. And you know those gripper things on the end of an extension rod that old people use to pick things up off the floor when they can’t bend over to get it? Yeah, well, those won’t work¬† for pulling weeds. You’ve got to get in there and get a grip on the weed and pull it up. Oh, and don’t miss the root! The wisdom of Scripture is that the earlier we deal with weeds the better. Don’t let the sun go down! Why is that so important? Because, just like that good fruit you expect from the vine, weeds bear fruit too. And what does fruit have on the inside? Seeds. If you let that weed grow, if you don’t deal with it early, you may eventually pull it but it will leave seeds. And seeds, though they may be extremely small, even invisible to the unaided eye, carry in them great potential. Pull early. Pull often.

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