Prep Time

Have you ever been to a nice restaurant and noticed some dishes require 24 hour notice if you want to order that item? Things like German Sauerbratten or Italian Osso Bucco take a lot of preparation time. If you’ve ever enjoyed those entree’s then you know you can tell if corners were cut during preparation. It is true that your level of preparation will be revealed. To the untrained observer it doesn’t appear that much is going on in the vineyard these days but February and March are two of the most important months of the year in viniculture. What is harvested in September reveals the effort put into preparation during February and March. Vines must be carefully pruned and fed if there is to be a fruitful harvest. Prep time requires  foresight and vision because there isn’t anything outward to see right now. I prepare toward what I want to see come Summer. In the construction trade they say: ‘Measure twice. Cut once’. It’s all about preparation. Speaking of which… that’s what Jesus is doing right now: preparing a place for you! And you… ???

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