The crop of grapes this year is nearing harvest and it looks like a good one with some of the largest, juiciest, sweetest fruit I’ve seen. I had been noticing some fallen fruit on the ground but wasn’t too concerned because some fruit loss is normal. A couple mornings ago I was sitting on my porch and saw it… a woodpecker sitting on a cluster pecking at the fruit. After chasing it away I began to examine the fruit on the ground and discovered that much of it had fallen prey to the woodpeckers. I’ve never had this issue before but then I’ve never had a crop like this before. I guess it wasn’t worth bothering with. Jesus said the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. I would add: especially when there is fruit of worth. A wise proverb says, “Above all else guard your heart for from it come all the issues (fruit) of life .” It shouldn’t surprise us that whenever there is good fruit, predators will not be far away. Protective measures are in place now as they should be in any vineyard.

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