Sometime when people see pictures of the vineyard or hear about it, they ask me what I do with all those grapes. Let’s just say I like my peanut butter straight! Exactly one week ago I added yeast to a bucket of blueberry must. Must is the term for the mixture of fruit, pectin, a blend of acids (ascorbic, citric, metatartaric), bentonite, sugar and water that will become something different, totally transformed. But not until one essential ingredient is added: yeast. 1 teaspoon of yeast added to 6 gallons of must releases a power that literally boils up within, consuming the sugar –  You do know processed sugar is bad for you? – and creating a whole new spirit that the Bible says gladdens the heart. After three years of preparation, when the disciples were all together, the missing ingredient was added. Pentecost. Transformation. Living Water welling up within. Without yeast its only must.

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