Looking For Something

Someone drove slowly by the vineyard last night after dark and stopped. If it had been five weeks ago or five months ago I wouldn’t have thought much of it because cars rolled slowly by all the time and at all hours back then. People are looking for something.  Anytime during July and August fruit is pretty easy to spot, even if you drive slowly by at night. The vineyard has been there six years now and it seems people are still intrigued by the sight of grapes growing in Bartow, Florida. In December you didn’t have to slow down at all to see the fruit. It was visible from a block away because the grapes in December are electric. You read that right. Green lights run the length of the trellis and big clusters of electric white and red grapes hang in dazzling in the night. Real or electric, people will slow down to look at fruit. “I chose you and appointed you to bear much fruit”, Jesus said. Then as now, people will notice fruit. They’re looking for it.  In January there is no fruit. The vines are dormant and the electric grapes are packed up until next Christmas. The person who drove slowly by last night and stopped was only looking for any salvageable item in my neighbor’s pile of discarded junk!

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