It All Depends…

I used to go to an antique auction in Magnolia, AR, owned and operated by Ralph Jennings. Once I asked Ralph what he thought a certain item was worth. You know his answer don’t you? It all depends on what someone will pay. It all depends. Giving credit where due, the inspiration for this thought came from my wife. We were gleaning in a different vineyard recently… a blueberry field. It hasn’t been a good year in this particular field. The fruit is late, small and scarce. Comparing our harvest after an hour of labor she told me, “I discovered a secret: You find more fruit if you get on your knees and look up.” I can’t imagine doing that for long. I guess it all depends on how much you need or want the fruit!

“And so I say to you, ask and keep asking. Seek and keep seeking. Knock and keep knocking” – Jesus

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