While looking over the vineyard with Cathy recently I reminisced about the time when the vineyard was just an idea. Cathy was hesitant. I thought it was because she feared it would be an eyesore of crooked trellis posts, sagging wires and tall weeds. She explained that she was concerned it might be more work than I could handle. A valid concern considering that my vocation has been tending sheep and not farming. To be sure I have invested a lot in the vineyard; many hours of sweat equity, a lot of materials and not just a little thought and study. Its a pretty risky investment considering the variables that are beyond my control. To me it has been worth the investment. The Bible speaks of God as a Vineyard Owner ( Isaiah 5, John 15) who spared no expense for his vineyard. With no variable beyond his control the outcome is certain and unimaginable! Dear branches, God wasn’t taking any risks when he invested his best in you!

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