Gotta Have It

Gotta Have It

Stay thirsty my friends! Not because your body tells you you’re thirsty; if you wait until then you’re already somewhat depleted. Stay thirsty because you tell yourself; ‘self, you need to drink.’ So last Friday I spent the day – all day – working in the vineyard. It has a name by the way: Mariposa Vineyard. Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly. My wife is a butterfly kind of person. She’s fascinated by them and that fascination has rubbed off on the rest of the family. For a number of years, when we lived in Kentucky, we participated with the University of Kansas in a study of the migration pattern of the Monarch butterfly. The study was probably funded by your tax dollars so you should be interested. We would take the kids out to a field where we would catch, tag and release Monarchs. The Monarch is the only species of butterfly that makes a two way migration for winter like birds do. Some fly as far as 3,000 miles to spend the winter. Now aren’t you glad you took time to read this blog? So it was a little serendipitous delight when we found our home in Bartow was on Mariposa Avenue. The name for the vineyard wasn’t hard to arrive at.

I spent the day working hard in Mariposa Vineyard, more than doubling its fruit bearing capacity to 900 lbs of grapes. I was talking to a friend about it the next day and told her that I worked so hard that by the end of the day my right forearm developed a cramp that pulled my middle two fingers and thumb to the closed position so I looked like a fanatic Texas Longhorn fan. Hook ’em! I had to pry them open and deeply massage my forearm. I also experienced cramps in my calves that night as I slept. My friend, who is a physical trainer, immediately told me I had not drunk enough water during the day and was dehydrated. I didn’t remind myself to hydrate and I was working too hard to notice I was thirsty and didn’t want to stop long enough to get water. Hmmm…  waiting until you’re thirsty to drink water is like waiting until you’re sunburned to apply sunscreen. It wasn’t until I was finishing up and had the hose in my hand that I drank water.

Jesus breathed on his disciples and said “Receive the Holy Spirit”! Drink, boys, drink! You gotta have it! Water. Living water. The Spirit. Sure he’s there when you’re thirsty but if you wait until then you’re probably in some sort of fix. Like waiting until you’re burned to apply sunscreen. Jesus’ words weren’t the polite request of a friend but rather the imperative of the Lord who knew that they needed to be hydrated for the work ahead.

Did you know your body is more than 60% water? Blood is 92%, your brain 75% your bones 22%. Did you know you can live three weeks without food, though I don’t recommend it. You can only live three days without water. You are a spiritual being by the way. Your body will return to the earth. We are not physical beings who have the occasional spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings who are having a temporary physical experience. Our spirits need to drink too and not just any water will do. Our spirit was made for Living Water. Only Living Water satisfies. How much more will your heavenly Father give that water to those who ask. (Luke 11:13) Seek. Ask. Knock. Stay Thirsty.

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