Though it isn’t the season for grapes I spent time picking in the vineyard last weekend… clusters of blossoms that would have become grapes to be exact. Turns out the vines have a tendency some people have: trying to do too much. The result is fruit that is impressive to look at at first but upon closer examination is of poor quality. The berries are only half the size they should be and not nearly as sweet. In short, they’re not worth much. There had to be a purging or downsizing. I went through each branch and took out every extra cluster leaving only one bloom cluster per branch. That’s all they have the energy to sustain. There were many widows in Israel during the time of famine but Elijah was only sent to the widow in Zerephath. There were many lepers in Israel during Elisha’s time but Elisha only healed to Naaman the Syrian. They couldn’t do it all. Only what God gave them to do. Guess which bloom clusters I took out and which were Left?

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