Those of us in Polk County have some idea how important phosphate is to agriculture. Phosphate has been a substantial player in Polk County’s economy for many decades and it is a critical component in fertilizer which is an essential ingredient for a healthy citrus – and grape – crop. What did we ever do without phosphate and fertilizer? The answer is compost. That’s right… dead, decaying stuff. Waste. Scraps. Leftovers. Stuff that looks like it is good for nothing but to thrown out and counted for lost. Discarded and unsightly crap. I was talking to a friend recently who has had a tough go of things lately including a rather lengthy stay in the hospital. Plans are voided and life gets put on hold. The unknown brings fear and waiting brings frustration. Not to mention the fatigue and just generally feeling like, well, crap! While just emerging from the pit and reflecting on the experience she said, “I’m just glad God knows how to compost it.” Compost: fertilizer from waste. Beauty from ashes. That is what diamonds are, ya know? Waste and decay, fallen and buried under heat and pressure. What a mighty God we serve, working all things together for good! Click below and enjoy Johnnyswim’s ‘Diamonds’

In the wake of every heartache
In the depth of every fear
There were diamonds, diamonds
Waiting to break out of here.
Don’t you think I hear the whispers
Those subtle lies, those angry pleas
They’re just demons, demons
Wishing they were free like me.
We’re the fire, from the sun
We’re the light when the day is done
We are the brave, the chosen ones
We’re the diamonds, diamonds
Rising about the dust.

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