Change Gonna Come

“It’s been a long time comin’ but I know a change is gonna come.” Sam Cooke voiced the lament and hope of generations trapped in various forms of oppression and slavery. The words would’ve resonated in Egypt, Babylon, or Judea as well as 20th century America when Cooke sang them. They speak for everyone at some point in life. The cycle of nature sings the song too. For over 25% of the year the vineyard appears captive to death. At first I don’t pay too much attention because I know dormancy is just part of the cycle. But come March I begin to feel like its been a long time coming because I know change is immanent as I peruse the vineyard daily watching for it. Today I can literally see the change everyday. Change is weird that way. The closer it gets, the longer it seems to have been coming and then it’s upon you in a flash. It’s the message of Jesus. If you’re trapped in sin, change gonna come. If you’re trudging through an oppressive season, change gonna come. And finally, when the earthly tent you’re captive to gives out, change gonna come. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye we will all be changed!

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