Winning Or Learning

It’s not whether you win or lose but…. You know the rest of it right? Do you buy that? C’mon, how you play the game is important but if you’re not committed to winning why play? Think about all the things we run through win/lose filters. Victories and losses. A lot of things get categorized […]


The crop of grapes this year is nearing harvest and it looks like a good one with some of the largest, juiciest, sweetest fruit I’ve seen. I had been noticing some fallen fruit on the ground but wasn’t too concerned because some fruit loss is normal. A couple mornings ago I was sitting on my […]

Say Something More

Often I will preach a sermon series during the summer. It occurs to me that in two and a half years of Vineyard Gleanings I haven’t expanded or incorporated any of these gleanings into a sermon. Doesn’t it seem that in 55 gleanings there would some sermon fodder? This week I’m going to begin a […]


I get a peaceful pleasure out of walking in the vineyard in the early morning. As I walk I find myself looking closely at each vine and even the individual branches. At this time of year it is especially enjoyable because the fruit is really maturing nicely. There isn’t much for me to do during […]


While looking over the vineyard with Cathy recently I reminisced about the time when the vineyard was just an idea. Cathy was hesitant. I thought it was because she feared it would be an eyesore of crooked trellis posts, sagging wires and tall weeds. She explained that she was concerned it might be more work […]


Two weeks ago I wrote about thinning the new flower clusters on the vines; removing half of what would eventually become this year’s crop. Just about every branch had two or three clusters and I removed all but one on each branch. Can you guess which clusters I left? Of course the clusters closest to […]


Though it isn’t the season for grapes I spent time picking in the vineyard last weekend… clusters of blossoms that would have become grapes to be exact. Turns out the vines have a tendency some people have: trying to do too much. The result is fruit that is impressive to look at at first but […]

Change Gonna Come

“It’s been a long time comin’ but I know a change is gonna come.” Sam Cooke voiced the lament and hope of generations trapped in various forms of oppression and slavery. The words would’ve resonated in Egypt, Babylon, or Judea as well as 20th century America when Cooke sang them. They speak for everyone at […]

Prep Time

Have you ever been to a nice restaurant and noticed some dishes require 24 hour notice if you want to order that item? Things like German Sauerbratten or Italian Osso Bucco take a lot of preparation time. If you’ve ever enjoyed those entree’s then you know you can tell if corners were cut during preparation. […]

Looking For Something

Someone drove slowly by the vineyard last night after dark and stopped. If it had been five weeks ago or five months ago I wouldn’t have thought much of it because cars rolled slowly by all the time and at all hours back then. People are looking for something.  Anytime during July and August fruit […]