I’m not sure the vineyard has ever looked healthier. The growth rate of new branches, abundance of fruit, rich green and bronze of the foliage all reflect balance. Sun and gray, wet and dry, hot and cold, nitrogen and phosphorus; so many things must be in balance for the life of the vine. Most of my work in the vineyard is an attempt at keeping things in balance so the vines can do what they do… bear fruit. More than any Hebrew he taught in seminary, what has stayed with me and served me best through the years is the life wisdom of Dr. Ludwig Dewitz. A survivor of the holocaust, I can still hear the thick German accent with which he spoke to us  young and not always balanced graduate students who were eager to change the world, “Balance! The key to life is balance!” The wisdom writer was thinking of this when he penned the oft heard but little appreciated words of Ecclesiastes. For everything there is a season and time. The key is balance.

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