A Little Bit More

John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest men in history, was once asked how much money is enough? His reply? “Just a little bit more.” I was disappointed watching the eleven o’clock news last night. It wasn’t anything to do with politics or sports. It was the weather.  It rained on the vineyard yesterday and I’d almost forgotten what rain was. The small lagoon down the street is dry. The buzzards were there last week feasting on the carcasses of dead fish. Things have been desperately dry and it rained yesterday. And I was disappointed. Why? Because by eleven o’clock the weather report said it was over.  It wasn’t enough. They had been forecasting an all night rain event; as much as an inch or two. We got less than half an inch. Earlier in the day I had been out in the rain and I looked up to the sky and raised up a prayer of thanksgiving. A few short hours later I’m disappointed. It wasn’t enough, I thought. How quickly my tune had changed. How much is enough? Must it always be just a little bit more? It rained! Yeah, but it wasn’t enough! It rained! Yeah, but…  It rained! Don’t you get it? It rained! No ‘but’s’. It rained! Must it always be a little bit more or can I learn to be content? Contentment is an attitude that says I have learned to be satisfied with what God has given me. To be content doesn’t mean I don’t desire more, it means I’m thankful for what I have and patient for what is to come. .42 inches of rain. Thank you, Lord!



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