While looking over the vineyard with Cathy recently I reminisced about the time when the vineyard was just an idea. Cathy was hesitant. I thought it was because she feared it would be an eyesore of crooked trellis posts, sagging wires and tall weeds. She explained that she was concerned it might be more work […]


Two weeks ago I wrote about thinning the new flower clusters on the vines; removing half of what would eventually become this year’s crop. Just about every branch had two or three clusters and I removed all but one on each branch. Can you guess which clusters I left? Of course the clusters closest to […]


Though it isn’t the season for grapes I spent time picking in the vineyard last weekend… clusters of blossoms that would have become grapes to be exact. Turns out the vines have a tendency some people have: trying to do too much. The result is fruit that is impressive to look at at first but […]