It All Depends…

I used to go to an antique auction in Magnolia, AR, owned and operated by Ralph Jennings. Once I asked Ralph what he thought a certain item was worth. You know his answer don’t you? It all depends on what someone will pay. It all depends. Giving credit where due, the inspiration for this thought […]


Arriving home last night after four days away, I was anxious to walk through the vineyard in the early morning light today. There was a good rain at about 11:00 last night and drops of liquid diamonds clung to the tips of each leaf reflecting the world in distorted images like one of those warped […]

Ain’t No Big Thing

I remember a necklace my Mom used to have when I was a kid. There was something called a ‘drop’ on a silver chain of sorts. The drop was a clear material of some kind a little smaller than a marble. Suspended in the middle, as if floating, was a tiny mustard seed. I don’t […]

Dream Haunter

I’m experiencing a new emotion these days as I stroll the vineyard. Fear. In actuality the vines may be doing just fine but I’m afraid they’re not. Hundreds of tiny clusters of what will become fruit after they bloom are appearing on the vines. This should foretell a rich harvest but I’m afraid it won’t […]