Those of us in Polk County have some idea how important phosphate is to agriculture. Phosphate has been a substantial player in Polk County’s economy for many decades and it is a critical component in fertilizer which is an essential ingredient for a healthy citrus – and grape – crop. What did we ever do […]

Pull Early Pull Often

Of all the work necessary to maintain a healthy vineyard the thing I dislike most of all is weeding. Thing about weeds is you must get rid of them. Their existence competes for everything the vines need to be fruitful. A weed eater is counterproductive, tantamount to pruning, and only results in the weeds returning […]

No Substitue

A few years ago one of my sons was working at a summer job and on one hot day his boss had him out in the sun pulling weeds. I don’t know anyone who would enjoy that work but he is particularly adverse to it. He complained that they wouldn’t let him use Roundup – […]