A Cheeseburger Tree

I pruned the vines one month ago when it was supposed to be safe to do so. Grapevines are some of the last plants to begin new growth in Spring. Last week my vineyard began to show new branches and tender leaves and last week we had a light frost in the vineyard. I was concerned the new […]


Have you ever been gagged by one of those ten inch cotton swabs they stick down your throat to find out what kind of alien is making you sick? Though many doctors have commented on their size and though I have single handedly kept the penicillin manufacturer in business over the years, I still have […]


Marissa Mayer was 36 years old when she became president and CEO of Yahoo. She was married and had two children, one of whom was an infant. She was on quite a few of those who’s who lists put out by organizations like Forbes and NYT, etc. Top ten this, number one that. In an […]