Before Its Time

Orson Welles said it: “We will sell no wine before its time.” Time. We mark time, pass time and mourn its passing. But we cannot rush it, slow it or stop it. We can manage it, waste it or redeem it but we cannot create it. I came across a term in my reading today: the […]

Gotta Have It

Gotta Have It Stay thirsty my friends! Not because your body tells you you’re thirsty; if you wait until then you’re already somewhat depleted. Stay thirsty because you tell yourself; ‘self, you need to drink.’ So last Friday I spent the day – all day – working in the vineyard. It has a name by […]

Don’t Wait Until…

Don’t Wait Until… Watering the vines is something I basically have to schedule. If its not on my ‘To Do’ list I may go days without watering; sometimes too many days. Time does fly doesn’t it? Watering the vines must become almost a habit. If I wait too long between watering, the plants will let me know. The […]

Fruit Out Of Season

Fruit Out Of Season While watering the vines the other day I noticed a cluster of grapes which wouldn’t be any big deal except that this is the dormant season (see post from 12/29/16). My immediate thought was that this is a confirmation of that previous post – God is always at work even when things […]