Scattering Seed

I’m almost finished removing the remnant of what was destroyed by an invading disease in the vineyard this year. Already new growth is emerging on the vines that were cleaned two weeks ago. There is hope. I noticed something new this year. Little grapevines are springing up in the strangest places, places I never intentionally […]

Eplaining Things

I got out in the vineyard yesterday evening for the first time in eight weeks. Up close and personal, pruning snips in hand. I’ve passed through it before but not with the intention of looking closely at anything. The truth is its a mess. I can see that from a distance. Its the kind of […]

The Power Of Habit

For many years I have been in the habit of reading the Scriptures the first thing each day. It is part of a routine really: the alarm sounds at 5:30, start coffee, pull up email on phone and write the daily readings in my journal, fix a cup of coffee, sit down with coffee, Bible […]

Good Grief

I don’t know if anyone has missed Vineyard Gleanings. It’s been six weeks since the last post because life in the vineyard was put on hold. I had surgery, a more major surgery than I was willing to admit. Cancer put me on the sidelines. About three weeks ago the reality and grief really hit […]

Not in Control

I think people who earn their livelihood through any kind of agricultural endeavor are to be admired for their faith whether they claim it or not. It takes a lot of work preparing soil, nurturing young plants, fighting disease and pests, careful harvesting, pruning and starting all over again. There are so many variables to […]


Sometime when people see pictures of the vineyard or hear about it, they ask me what I do with all those grapes. Let’s just say I like my peanut butter straight! Exactly one week ago I added yeast to a bucket of blueberry must. Must is the term for the mixture of fruit, pectin, a […]


I’m not sure the vineyard has ever looked healthier. The growth rate of new branches, abundance of fruit, rich green and bronze of the foliage all reflect balance. Sun and gray, wet and dry, hot and cold, nitrogen and phosphorus; so many things must be in balance for the life of the vine. Most of […]

It All Depends…

I used to go to an antique auction in Magnolia, AR, owned and operated by Ralph Jennings. Once I asked Ralph what he thought a certain item was worth. You know his answer don’t you? It all depends on what someone will pay. It all depends. Giving credit where due, the inspiration for this thought […]


Arriving home last night after four days away, I was anxious to walk through the vineyard in the early morning light today. There was a good rain at about 11:00 last night and drops of liquid diamonds clung to the tips of each leaf reflecting the world in distorted images like one of those warped […]

Ain’t No Big Thing

I remember a necklace my Mom used to have when I was a kid. There was something called a ‘drop’ on a silver chain of sorts. The drop was a clear material of some kind a little smaller than a marble. Suspended in the middle, as if floating, was a tiny mustard seed. I don’t […]