The Acid Test

Have you heard the TSA’s new slogan? ‘We handle more junk than E-bay.’ Not long ago I sat at the Orlando airport waiting on someone to arrive on a flight. I enjoyed watching a couple of dogs passing up and down the lines of people at security, sniffing for whatever they were trained to sniff […]

Faith And Dilemma

How’s the vineyard doing? Now in it’s third, year I get asked that question from time to time. Recently I had to confess some nervousness about how I think it is doing. Truth is I feel in  a bit of a dilemma concerning my newest plantings. They’re not growing as anticipated; not like I remember from […]

A Little Bit More

John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest men in history, was once asked how much money is enough? His reply? “Just a little bit more.” I was disappointed watching the eleven o’clock news last night. It wasn’t anything to do with politics or sports. It was the weather.  It rained on the vineyard yesterday and I’d almost […]


Must Go Night was my favorite meal when I was growing up… and still is. Its sort of like a smorgasbord or one of those huge buffet restaurants where you can get sushi, steak or barbeque all in the same place. Must go night is when everything in the refrigerator must go. You know… the […]

Taking The Trash Out

I used to hate to take the trash out when I was a kid. I’m not sure why. It was no big deal really but I always wondered why, out of five children, the chore always fell to me. It seemed to me like it did. I could say it was because it was a boy’s […]

First Fruit

The oldest vines in Mariposa Vineyard are three years old. They’ve been pruned twice now and yielded their first crop last August. This year’s crop from the three year old vines should be at least twice what they yielded last year. The two year old vines are loaded with blossoms from which fruit will almost […]

Rain On A Tin Roof

So Jesus, wearied as he was from his journey, was sitting beside the well. He ended up asking someone else – a Samaritan woman – to give him a drink. Was he so weary he couldn’t have gotten his own? So weary that he was willing to ask someone he normally wouldn’t associate with? Perhaps […]

A Cheeseburger Tree

I pruned the vines one month ago when it was supposed to be safe to do so. Grapevines are some of the last plants to begin new growth in Spring. Last week my vineyard began to show new branches and tender leaves and last week we had a light frost in the vineyard. I was concerned the new […]


Have you ever been gagged by one of those ten inch cotton swabs they stick down your throat to find out what kind of alien is making you sick? Though many doctors have commented on their size and though I have single handedly kept the penicillin manufacturer in business over the years, I still have […]