Like A Bride

I probably need to go away for a week or so and just not look at the vineyard for awhile. I’ve been breathing the pollen of Spring for a month now. All around I see the full display of the season. Many of the earliest exhibitors have long since dropped their petals and are already […]

Periscope or Pericope?

Darn auto correct! A pericope is a ‘cutting’ or section of a book or chapter. An alternative way of saying ‘passage’ when you’re writing a blog and you don’t want to use the word ‘passage’ again. A periscope is… well you know what a periscope is don’t ya? It’s a lense through which one might […]


It would be understandable to read the first seventeen verses of John fifteen and derive that the emphasis of Jesus’ message is  fruit bearing. That is after all the purpose of the branches and why the disciples were chosen and appointed; to bear fruit and not just a little and not short lived. And it […]


I know its only the first of March but I’ve already had to pull weeds in Mariposa Vineyard. Remember pull early pull often! All the vines are planted the soil is cultivated and the first application of fertilizer (commercial not compost) is down. The newer vines are even beginning to show leaves. There is still […]


Those of us in Polk County have some idea how important phosphate is to agriculture. Phosphate has been a substantial player in Polk County’s economy for many decades and it is a critical component in fertilizer which is an essential ingredient for a healthy citrus – and grape – crop. What did we ever do […]

Pull Early Pull Often

Of all the work necessary to maintain a healthy vineyard the thing I dislike most of all is weeding. Thing about weeds is you must get rid of them. Their existence competes for everything the vines need to be fruitful. A weed eater is counterproductive, tantamount to pruning, and only results in the weeds returning […]

No Substitue

A few years ago one of my sons was working at a summer job and on one hot day his boss had him out in the sun pulling weeds. I don’t know anyone who would enjoy that work but he is particularly adverse to it. He complained that they wouldn’t let him use Roundup – […]

The Purpose of Brokenness

A result of neglect in the vineyard is the ground becomes hard and unworkable. Its called fallow ground. If it hasn’t been broken in a long time  any nutrients just lay on the surface unavailable to the life giving root of the plant. Even rain tends to bead up on the surface and evaporate. Regular, […]

Birthing or Raising?

As evidenced by the date of my last post, it’s been a while since I have written or worked in the vineyard. It has been said, ‘It is easier to give birth to the new than to raise the dead’.  The aches  and pains I have two days after spending Monday working the vineyard bear […]

The Heart of the Matter

In the days after hurricane Irma people asked me how the vineyard fared. Stripped bare but not destroyed. Today, two months later, the vines are in leaf and there are even new grapes. Though I don’t expect to harvest any fruit and it is only a matter of time until these new leaves give way […]