Though it isn’t the season for grapes I spent time picking in the vineyard last weekend… clusters of blossoms that would have become grapes to be exact. Turns out the vines have a tendency some people have: trying to do too much. The result is fruit that is impressive to look at at first but […]

Change Gonna Come

“It’s been a long time comin’ but I know a change is gonna come.” Sam Cooke voiced the lament and hope of generations trapped in various forms of oppression and slavery. The words would’ve resonated in Egypt, Babylon, or Judea as well as 20th century America when Cooke sang them. They speak for everyone at […]

Prep Time

Have you ever been to a nice restaurant and noticed some dishes require 24 hour notice if you want to order that item? Things like German Sauerbratten or Italian Osso Bucco take a lot of preparation time. If you’ve ever enjoyed those entree’s then you know you can tell if corners were cut during preparation. […]

Looking For Something

Someone drove slowly by the vineyard last night after dark and stopped. If it had been five weeks ago or five months ago I wouldn’t have thought much of it because cars rolled slowly by all the time and at all hours back then. People are looking for something.  Anytime during July and August fruit […]

Only Trying To Help

I had an interesting issue with the vines last year. Too much fruit. How is that an issue? The vines couldn’t support so much fruit  so the berries never grew larger than a dime when they should’ve been the size of quarters. They had very little juice and were not sweet at all. Overproduction its […]

Who Would’ve Thought

Someone commented recently how nice the vineyard looks right now. I just smiled and said ‘Thank you’. What I didn’t say was that this should be the most unsightly time in its yearly cycle. But they were right, it does look good. Since I cut away all the dead, diseased branches from the ravages of […]


There is a special place my wife and I love to go whenever we are in Wyoming called the Gros Ventre Wilderness. There is something irresistibly beckoning about it. When I think of wilderness that’s the image that comes to mind.  Some of God’s most important work has taken place  in the wilderness. It seems […]

Scattering Seed

I’m almost finished removing the remnant of what was destroyed by an invading disease in the vineyard this year. Already new growth is emerging on the vines that were cleaned two weeks ago. There is hope. I noticed something new this year. Little grapevines are springing up in the strangest places, places I never intentionally […]

Eplaining Things

I got out in the vineyard yesterday evening for the first time in eight weeks. Up close and personal, pruning snips in hand. I’ve passed through it before but not with the intention of looking closely at anything. The truth is its a mess. I can see that from a distance. Its the kind of […]

The Power Of Habit

For many years I have been in the habit of reading the Scriptures the first thing each day. It is part of a routine really: the alarm sounds at 5:30, start coffee, pull up email on phone and write the daily readings in my journal, fix a cup of coffee, sit down with coffee, Bible […]